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Simply Bridal~ What Does Your Silhouette Say About You?

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“Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Simply Bridal. Not only will you find every wedding dress style under the sun, their blog is fresh and informative! Be sure to check them out!”~ Charleston Wedding Studio


We choose clothes according to our personality and selecting our dream wedding dress is no different. You know what you like, but what does your choice say about you? Here we break down the most popular wedding dress silhouettes and what they say about you.


Sheath Dress

sheath wedding dress

Brides that choose sheath dresses are elegant, sophisticated and unfussy. These brides have a knack for making a simple jeans and tee look flawlessly elegant, while at the same time going gaga for the most minimal jewelry. The sheath dress allows the bride to shine and maintain her simple style, especially since it requires very little adornment.

Bridal Inspiration: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy



A-line Dress

a-line wedding dress

Love a gorgeous A-line dress? Well, you’re not alone. A-line brides are classic, traditional, and well grounded. The A-line bride loves her pearls and cardigans and never places a foot wrong. Is it no surprise that Princess Grace wore an A-line dress to be married to her Prince Charming? We think not.

Bridal Inspiration: Princess Grace of Monaco




Trumpet or Mermaid Dress

mermaid wedding dress

A woman that loves a mermaid dress is no shrinking violet.  She wants you to know when she enters the room and dresses for the occasion. She belongs on the red carpet and good luck trying to take a bad picture of her because she has mastered the art of taking the perfect picture. Even in her downtime she incorporates a bit of glitz and glamour through her love of luxurious clothing and jewelry.

Bridal Inspiration: Beyoncé



Ball Gown

ballgown wedding dress

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess some time in her life. Chances are the only time that dream will come true is on her wedding day. Every princess worth her salt knows that a ball gown is necessary to make her fantasy come true. No princess is complete without her diamonds, so don’t forget to adorn yourself with some diamonds.

Bridal Inspiration: Jacqueline Kennedy


Whichever type of bride you are, there is a silhouette to match. Whether you want a sleek and simple dress or a gown worthy of the red carpet, you can find it. Just stick with us and we’ll help you get there.

Posted by Anna K. from SimplyBridal.

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