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Today we welcome guest blogger: Tanis Jackson. Here she share her ides for saving money on flowers.


Manzanita Branch Centerpiece

Manzanita Branches with real candles and nestlings of seasonal roses maximized the arrangements for National Philanthropy Day at the Charleston Marriott Riverview. Photo by Leigh Webber. Centerpieces designed and donated by WildFlowers Inc.


  • If other brides are using the same wedding site  before or after your ceremony, approach them about splitting the cost of the ceremony flowers
  • Choose a site that is already decorated, such as a garden or a room that is decorated for the holidays
  • Make the ceremony flowers work for the reception too. Standing arrangements placed before each row of seats at the ceremony can be positioned at the door to the reception, next to the piano during the cocktail hour or in other spots where decoration is needed
  • Play up the shape. Less expensive flowers, such as daffodils or irises in well designed arrangements with interesting fillers like wax flowers or solidago can be just as beautiful as those that cost more
  • Use plants on guest tables (heather in moss-covered containers, ivy pots wrapped in tulle) instead of more expensive cut flowers
  • Scale down centerpieces and arrange candles around them or instead of one large arrangement per table, place bud vases and candles between every other setting
  • Put a small arrangement on every other table and a tall bouquet on alternate ones
  • Avoid scheduling the wedding near a flower giving holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day when prices are generally higher
  • Shop around. Interview at least three florists before deciding on one. Have them put their proposals in writing so you can compare prices and styles. Do not share one proposal with another florist as this is considered unethical
  • To get the most effect from a modest floral budget,  put the bulk of the money where the guests will spend most of the time –  at the reception.
  • Buy in season. Flowers that have to be shipped in  can cost considerably more
  • Tanis Jackson
    Tanis J Events, LLC

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